10 Best Hair Wax in India- Full Review & Buying Guide

Every outfit is incomplete without a proper hairstyle. You can dress like an actor but if your hair you should use hair wax is a mess, no outfit will do you good.

All the men desire to get that sleek Ranveer Singh look but sorrowfully it isn’t possible with regular hair gels.

Here we have listed the top 10 best hair wax available for men in India for you. Hair waxes are a thick hair styling product to be used by men to help maintain detangled and rebellious hair. hair wax color

Best Hair Wax – Full Review & Buying Guide

Hair waxes soften the hair and provide them a firm hold so that hairstyles would stay the way it is expected to. Hair gels mostly contain alcohol that dries out your hair whereas hair waxes do not. They soften, hydrate, and nourish the hair. hair wax color

After using a hair wax the hair stays securely in their place and remains the way it was set to be. Hair waxes are also known to add shine to your hair.

Most professionals and hair stylists use products like hair waxes and then hair sprays to set the hairstyle. However, hair wax can be used daily without damaging your natural hair texture.

Recently hair wax is gaining demand in men’s grooming range due to their accessibility and reliability. They provide great initial hold and grip to the hair for making astounding hairstyles.

If you’re interested in this little hair styling revolution For men then keep on reading to find out about the best hair waxes available in India.

Finding a suitable hair wax not only depends on how your hair type is and what your hair texture is but it also relies on the type of hairstyle you are going for and how you want your hair to appear.

Getting a hair wax that suits your hair perfectly is a task that is next to impossible but why go for the trouble when we bring you the highest-rated hair waxes in India right here.

Best Hair Wax For Men

1. UrbanGabru Hair Wax

The first hair wax on this list of best hair wax has to be from urban gabru. Urban gabru has successfully gained the loyalty of its customers. It is one of the leading men’s grooming brand.

The urban gabru hair wax zero to infinity is one of the top-rated products in this list. It provides a very strong hold to your hair keeping the hairstyle in place.

It provides moisture and nourishment to your hair and adds shine. Hair not only looks silky but it also stays where you want it to be. Even the finest hair doesn’t move with this hair product.

The stronghold lasts for a long time and is suitable for the whole day. Unlike other hair gel and waxes, you can easily restyle your hair with this hair wax. And change your hairstyle according to your convenience.

Another interesting detail is that this hair wax is water-soluble which means you can easily wash it off only by using water (using shampoo is not even necessary).

It hydrates your hair and gives it a matt like texture keeping it in place. Overall it’s a great hair wax that does everything it declares and coming from a brand like urban gabru it will surpass your expectations.

2. Mountainor Hair Wax

The second hair wax is Mountainor Hair Wax. It uses natural and organic ingredients in its composition. It’s one of the most efficient hair waxes available in the market and provides a firm hold to the hair.

It is the only product from the hair wax range that claims to get rid of dandruff and other fungal infections. This hair wax also takes care of scalp health. It is SLS and paraben-free, making it one of the safest organic options available out there.

It uses organic ingredients and natural oils such as almond oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E oil to give the hair a shiny lustrous texture as well as a stronghold. It lasts all day long and keeps your hair in place.

It also claims to reduce split ends as well as make your hair 5 times stronger.

With all these things it is cruelty-free and the best part is that it claims to protect your hair from hair fall problem. Enjoy smooth, silky, and strong hair with the goodness of the mountainer hair wax.

3. BEARDO Hair Wax


You cannot forget about the brand beardo while making a list of men’s grooming products. The beardo hair wax one of the most cherished men’s hair styling products of all time.

It gives a stronghold to your hair keeping the hairstyle intact. Even the finest hair can be styled easily with this hair wax. it is suitable for all hair types but if you suffer from the problem of dry hair then you should go for this hair wax.

It’s manufactured with crystal gel technology that is a customer favorite. The crystal gel technology makes the hair wax smoother than the other ones available and it gives your hair shine just like crystals.

It makes your hair smoother and softer from the first use. The cherry on the cake is the matte look that this hair gel provides, making your hair look set and sleek.

Even with its strong and firm hold this wax does not damage your hair rather it conditions it. It is also known to take care of your scalp’s health.

Talking about the removal of this hair wax, it can be removed effortlessly without the use of shampoo. Just use a conditioner without wetting your hair and then rinse this wax off. It does not feel sticky and you can easily restyle it.

 4. Brylcreem Hair Wax


I am sure that you are seen tons of commercials featuring Brylcreem hair wax. This hair wax is suitable for all hair types and textures.

It’s best for men who love to restyle their hair often. It provides a great hold to the hair and allows you to reshape them according to your convenience.

It makes your hair soft and adds out of this world shine. It keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated. It comes in a slightly runny consistency when compared to other hair waxes which makes it easier to use.

It comes in a thick cream-like formula that is white. It provides a quite decent grip and leaves an opportunity for restyling.

It also does not contain any added parabens, making it less harmful for the hair. It is a nice option if you like to style your hair every day and need some hydration.

The hold that is provided by this wax isn’t as strong as other waxes on this list but it provides a normal hold it gets the job done very well. On top of all, it gives a matte texture to the hair without messing with the natural shine.

Many people review that it boosts hair’s natural texture and makes it silkier from the first use itself. Overall it’s a useful hair wax that can be used daily without damaging your hair.

5. Ustraa by Happily Unmarried Hair Wax


Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax allows you to fix your hair in a wide range of hairstyles. This wax is super safe and easy to use. It’s free of chemicals like petroleum, paraffin, and other harmful fixatives that harm your hair.

It uses a corn-based fixative that provides a very firm grip to your hair and set them in place for hours and hours to come.

Is the safest option for damaged hair because it contains natural ingredients. It is suitable for all hair types and textures of men of all ages.

The only disappointing part is that is not meant for people with longer hair. On the encouraging half, it provides a stronghold for short to medium hair. It gives polished gloss to your hair while keeping it set all day long.it gives a Matte texture but does not affect the shine of the hair.

The highlight of this hair wax is that you only need water to remove it. Use Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax on how to get a very natural and stylish hairstyle.

6. Gatsby Hair Styling Fibre Wax


The next hair wax is from Gatsby. The Gatsby hair styling fiber bold and rise hair wax are one of the favorite hair waxes of many customers.

This hair wax provides stronghold to the hair and lets you style as per your convenience. Coming from a brand like Gatsby this hair wax is reliable and efficient.

Every hair stylist prefers products from Gatsby due to their finest results. This hair wax gives your hair shine and boosts the volume. It uses fiber-like hair styling wax that makes your hair appear denser and thicker, leading to more volume.

Even with fiber used in this hair wax, it does not feel stiff or hard rather, the hair feels smoother than usual and there’s added luster to the hair. The hair wax does not feel sticky and you can easily carry any style out with this hair wax.

It is suitable for all hair types and can be used by men of all ages. It does not harm the scalp or hair health at all and is a great choice.

7. Grandeur Hair Wax for Men


The next hair wax is the Grandeur hair wax for men. This wax has everything that a hair styling product needs. It gives your hair a strong and firm grip, that lasts for a long time. It is suitable for all hair types of men and strengthens all hair textures.

It is free of chemicals like SLS and paraben that damage the natural structure of your hair over time and makes them more vulnerable.

This hair wax provides nutrients and is food for your hair. Enrich with a strong blend of vitamins this hair wax keeps your hair and scalp healthy and does not degrade the natural composition of your hair.

The best part about this hair wax is how it reduces frizzy and dry hair. It makes your hair more manageable and very easy to set. One more thing to like about this hair wax is that it comes at a reasonable price and has an efficient outcome.

It sets your hair perfectly and detangles it in the best way possible. it is very easy to remove and any mild shampoo removes this wax form your hair easily. Choose this hair wax to get shiny and sleek hair.

8. Man Arden Hair Wax


The next hair wax is from the brand man Arden. Man Arden hair wax is a moisturizing hair styling product that hydrates your hair inside out.

It gives a glossy finish and adds volume to your hair. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair even if you use this product every single day thanks to the natural ingredients equipped with it, that take care of hair as well as scalp health.

Enriched with the goodness of Moroccan argan oil and sunflower oil it’s super moisture rising power-packed hair wax. It gives a firm strong grip on your hair and allows you to style according to your freedom.

The best part is that you can easily restyle your hair because this hair wax does not make your hair sticky and stiff. It’s equipped with natural fixative ingredients like natural oils and botanical butter that keep your hair on point.

It is free of SLS and mineral oils that harm your hair in the long run.  Gamma alpha-linolenic acid also known as GLA is added to the soil to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

This hair wax deeply nourishes and protects your hair from various factors like pollution and dirt. Coming from top brand like man Arden this is one of the best hair waxes available in the market.

9. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax


Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS Flexwax Hair Wax is the eighth hair wax on our list. It is one of the most recommended hair waxes from all hairstylists and professionals.

Schwarzkopf is an old and highly trusted brand that has launched a new range under the name professional Osis, this range specializes in grooming products.

This hair wax has a super strong hold and gives a firm base for hair styling. Strong wax texture and separation performance are provided by this hair wax. It provides hydration to the hair thanks to its creamy consistency.

If you are somebody who does not like to weight down your hair then you should go for this device as it is quite lightweight and does its job well.

It is non-greasy and does not make your hair stiff but still provides for the perfect hairstyle. You can easily restyle it and give a natural shiny finish to your hair.

One of the best factors of this hair spray is how readily it washes out. It’s water-soluble and you do not need to use shampoo to wash this product out of your hair.

It gives precision styling and is one of the most exquisite hair waxes available out there. Slightly on the expensive side, this hair wax is quite worth its price.

10. Set Wet Studo X Clean Cut Shine Hair Wax


Set wet studio X clean cut shine hair wax is the most widely used hair wax both by professionals as well as everyday users.

This hair wax gives you the possibility to restyle your hair frequently throughout the day. If you’re looking for a hair wax that you could use daily then this is the one for you, providing a medium hold.

Unlike other hair waxes, this hair wax does not make your hair stiff or hard and it is easy to run your fingers through your hair even after multiple coats of this wax.

You can carry a variety of styles with this wax and rock natural Matte look that it gives. It makes your hair super smooth and soft to touch and gives your hair a little bit of hydration without making your hairstyle look oily.

One of the best parts of this hair wax is that it adds bounce and volume to your hair. Hair appears thicker, smoother, and softer after using this hair wax.

Best Hair Wax- Buying Guide


The first and the most important thing to consider while buying any product is the brand. Brands give you confidence about the product quality and the materials used in it.

If the product belongs to a well-established brand then it can be guaranteed that the product will be the best one. On the other hand, if you are going for a product that does not come from a well established high-end brand then the quality of the product is not as per the standards required.

It is always advisable to choose from a high-end and well-established brand to be sure about the quality as well as reliability.

If you cannot find a good product that has a well-established base brand then go for the products listed in the above list, all these products are top-rated and come from well-established brands and have the best results.

Cheaply manufactured products do not have a good brand name. These products are likely to harm you and are not always the most trustworthy ones.

An established brand name means nothing but a customer’s trust. If the brand satisfies its customers then its name grows and that’s how it becomes a well-established brand.

Choose from the list above to ensure that you get the best and branded products.


Hold means how strong the wax is. Stronghold keeps your hair in place all day long and is mostly suitable for people with thick hair.

Medium to light hold help in styling your hair properly just that, the grip or the hairstyle won’t be as secure as a stronghold. medium to light hold hair waxes is mostly suitable for people who have less thick hair and are looking to build density and volume.

if you are a professional hairstylist then you should go for strong hold hair wax and if you’re somebody who styles your hair every day and does not engage in complicated hairstyles then go for medium to light hold.

One disadvantage of strong hold hair wax is that it does not wash off easily you need to use shampoos to properly get rid of the wax in your hair.


Hair waxes with medium hold a suitable for people who engage in styling their hair every single day. This type of hair waxes give a decent grip to your hair and allow restyling frequently.

This hair wax does not add stiffness or stickiness to your hair, you can easily style your hair with your fingers and rock a Messy but sleek look.

This hair wax generally suits all hair types and textures of man. It is long-lasting and will last up to 12 to 24 hours depending on the weather and other conditions.

Men who have thin hair can use these hair waxes to add density as well as boost volume in their hair.


This low hold hair wax is one of the best options for men who have very thin hair and face the problem of balding. These hair waxes boost volume and adds thickness to your hair making them appear denser.

Also if you have short hair with low length then this type of hair sprays are ideal for you because you do not need medium or strong hold hair waxes that might weigh your hair stands down.

Low hold hair waxes allow freestyling very frequently but the only downside is that they do not last very long in weather conditions like rain or hot sweaty summer.

For men who are looking to enhance their hairstyle rather than changing the whole style can go with this type of floor hold hair waxes so that your hair looks set in place and has a natural bounce.


Apart from setting your hair waxes also give added shine and luster to your hair. It makes your hair look silky and soft to touch by nourishing and hydrating it. different products provide different shining power.glossy and Matte texture also differs from brand to brand.


If you’re going for a natural and soft look then hair waxes that offer low shine are ideal for you. Low shine hair wax makes your hair look healthy and lighter when compared to high shine hair waxes.

Low shine hair waxes give a Matte finish but still manage to keep the natural shine giving a non-artificial look. They absorb in the hair completely without leaving any type of artificial coat.

It’s the best option to go for a Matt finish low shine hair wax.


If you love gleaming hair then go for a hair wax that offers high shine. These types of products give your hairstyle a bold and engaging look.

It looks artificial if you over apply the wax but if applied in the right quantity then you’d have the most exquisite hairstyle.

Shine in the hair wax is boosted through the use of oils in it. If you find oils like coconut or olive oil in the hair wax ingredients list then these hair wax likely provide shining hair texture. High shine hair wax does not usually give a Matte finish but you will also fall in love with the gloss they provide.


Your hair length plays an important role in how much the hair wax will suit you.

If you have thin hair and use stronghold hair wax then it might probably weigh your hair down and feel like a burden. And if you have dense and thick hair and go for light hold hair wax then it might do nothing for your hairstyle.

Choosing a hair wax depends on your hair length as well as type. If you have long thick hair then go for the stronghold hair wax and if you have medium to short hair you can opt accordingly.

Try to buy after considering your specific hair type and texture to get the best out of your hair styling wax


For every product, ingredients play an important role in determining how the product will work for you. Different ingredients have different benefits as well as side effects. Generally if classified based on ingredients there are two types of hair waxes available for men.

  1. Water-based hair wax
  2. Candle for lanoline wax

Water Based Hair Wax

Even if the name suggests that the wax is made with water, but the main ingredient in water-based hair wax is either candle or lanolin

Wax or synthetic material.

It gets its name water-based wax because water is added to improve the consistency of the wax.

Adding water to the wax makes the wax lighter and easy to use. This gives the wax a runny consistency also making it easy to reach style the hair.

For some people, it might be a boon but for others, it might be a bane.

water-based hair wax may not be right for you if you have dry hair because water-based hair wax dries out quickly and absorbs in the hair. But if you have an oily scalp then you can use water-based hair wax product.


This hair wax uses organic and natural ingredients and has a thicker consistency than water-based hair waxes. It’s the right choice for you if you have dry hair as it nourishes and hydrates the hair texture.

It also makes your hair shiny and gives a sleek finish. Candle wax is a slightly thicker inconsistency and does not absorb easily, some of these hair waxes might not allow restyling. Lanoline is an animal-based product and hence vegans do not opt for hair wax containing lanolin.

If you have extremely dry hair then you should not choose water-based hair wax and go for products that have candle wax in it. It’s thicker and more creamy texture will provide you the hold and style you need.


Take it from someone who does not buy any product without checking its fragrance, the scent of the product plays a very important role.

If you buy hair wax and you don’t like its fragrance then you will be stuck with foul-smelling hair all day long. And if you choose the hair wax that smells delightful then it would make a huge difference in your product preference.

Usually, all hair waxes smell great but choose a product according to the fragrance you prefer.


Volume plays an important role for those who have flat and thin hair. Some hair waxes offer added volume to your hair, these hair waxes are generally thicker than usual.

If you have flat hair then look for hair wax that adds volume so that your hair looks bouncy and appears thicker than it is. It is also not a bad idea to choose hair waxes that have been manufactured with the formulation of clay.

Clay adds more volume to the hair and is used as a power ingredient in volume-boosting hair waxes. However, people who have thick dense hair should not choose volumizing hair waxes because it will make your hair appear messy.


Some hair waxes provide aid to problems like dandruff, hair fall, thin hair, etc. If you have such problems then look for hair waxes that solve them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that, if you suffer from hair problems and have allergies from specific ingredients then it would not hurt to look into the ingredients list of the product.

Some ingredients tend to aggravate your problems and cause more problems, so so do up for natural hair enhancement waxes rather than chemical ones and choose a product that will suit you, your scalp, and your hair.

Tips on How to Apply Hair Wax

Now that you know everything you need to know about hair waxes let’s talk about how to use them so that you get the best results.

  1. Damp or dry hair?

It is advisable to use hair wax on dry hair because if used on wet hair it might not give the best results.

When used on damp hair wax changes the texture of your hair when it dries, also to get maximum volume it is advisable to use hair wax on dry hair.

one more important thing that cannot be left out is that your hair is fragile when it’s wet, so no product should be applied to your hair when it’s wet.wait for it to dry completely and then use hair wax to style according to your desired manner.

  1. Quantity of product

Using too much quantity of hair wax night ruin your hairstyle. It is advisable to use only a dime-sized amount for any hairstyle.

if the hairstyle is very complicated and you need to set the hair properly then you might need a little bit more but start with just a pea-sized amount and then gradually increase it as you get into the hairstyle.

  1. Soften the wax before applying

if you want to style your hair with hair wax then it must be lump free and soft. Hair wax in its original packaging is generally hard to work with, you can easily software ax by taking a little bit in your arms and rubbing it vigorously to produce heat that would eventually melt the wax making it ready to use.

also in hot summers do not keep your wax in direct contact of the sunlight this might alter the product results.

  1. Applying

To ensure that the application is smooth always soft and the wax by heating it in your palms. use your fingers to shape your hair in the desired way and then work your way up from the roots to the hair length.

Apply on a particular side first and then style it properly then go for the other side. Most strong hold hair waxes do not allow you to use a comb but medium hold waxes are easy to restyle with a comb.

  1. Application on the scalp?

Hair wax is meant to style your hair to not let the wax touch your scalp, this might result in making your hair look sticky and greasy. If applied on the scalp then hair waxes can be very hard to wash off.

  1. Practice and adjust

if you want to learn a new hairstyle with the new hair wax then practice it beforehand to get the best results. Do not use more quantity of the hair wax it might make your hair stick together and form a hard layer.

Adjust the quantity of hair wax and use only a pea-sized amount. Practicing the hairstyle will give you a better idea of what suits your hair more.

Benefits of Using a Hair Wax  

Using a hair wax to style your hair provide numerous benefits, some of them are listed below:

1. hair waxes containing nourishing oil give your hair shine and nourish your scalp as well as your hair.

2. hair waxes give your hair a smooth texture and enhance the natural shine.

3. hair wax helps manage unruly and frizzy hair. They help to easily detangle your tresses.

4. hair waxes shield your hair from weather conditions like humidity and protect them from environmental damage as well as pollution.

5. hair waxes nourish the hair and provide them hydration. It makes hair texture healthier.

6. some hair waxes work wonders in reducing split ends and taming unruly hair.

7. applying hair wax is quick and hassle-free. They give quick smoothness and shine to your hair along with a firm hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using hair wax is still a new invention and we are sure that you might have a lot of doubts in your mind. Below are some frequently asked questions to solve all your queries-

  1. Does using hair wax make your hair hard?

Unlike other hair styling products like hair spray or hair gel, hair waxes do not miss the texture of your hair. Instead, they provide off form hold and still lever room for restyling the hair frequently.

  1. Can you restyle your hair after using hair wax?

You can easily restyle your hair after applying hair wax, waxes that provide medium to low hold are extremely easy to restyle. On the other hand, stronghold waxes need more attention while restyling.

  1. Does applying hair wax lead to hair fall?

It is not proven that hair waxes aid hair fall. When used in a large amount thereof access might be harmful to your hair.

  1. What are some other names for men’s hair wax?

Hair waxes are also called as molding cream, glue, putty, or paste. Since there are many textures and consistencies in which hair wax is available the name differs slightly from brand to brand.

  1. How to remove hair wax from your hair?

Some hair waxes require shampooing to remove the product completely, while other hair waxes are water-soluble and can be rinsed off with just water.

if you see feel that it is hard to remove hair wax from your hair then; when your hair is still dry apply the coin size amount of the conditioner and then rinse it off to remove all the product.

You can either repeat the conditioning process or you might feel the need to use shampoo to get rid of all the wax.

  1. What is hybrid hair wax?

Hybrid hair waxes serve the purpose of both hair wax and hair spray.

Hair waxes available in the market under the name of wax pomades are creamy hair styling products that add shine and provide a little bit of grip to the hairstyle. Also Check  Best Soap For Men

There is another invention in the market called wax spray or spray wax that combines the effect of spray and wax as the name suggests.

It works just like a wax but it comes in a spray form. However, you must read out all the instructions carefully before using any hybrid hair wax.

  1. What is the texture of a hair wax?

Hair wax is a thick creamy hairstyling product that looks just like molten candle wax. It has a consistency thicker than that of a hair gel and you might need to soft and it before using it directly.

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