10 Best Facial Kits for Men In India

If you are looking for Facial Kits for Men It’s recommended that you should get a facial once every month but in today’s hustle-bustle, nobody has time or money to invest in skincare.

A facial kit is one of the most accessible products available in the market to make your skin glow like crystals. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much money or time and you’ll still get that salon-like finish.

10 Best Facial Kits for Men In India

Facial kits generally come with a 3-7 step routine that brightens the overall look of the face and you can easily get rid of dark spots as well as dull skin.

While using a facial kit blood circulation occurs throughout the face giving the face a youthful shine, keeping wrinkles away. Best Facial Kits for Men In India

They are very convenient and are easily attainable. You can get rid of tanning and several skin issues from the convenience of your own home.

Now that more people are concerned about their appearance, the beauty industry is growing day by day and not just in terms of female skincare products but also products made especially for men’s tough skin.

Men too need pampering, so here are our top ten best facial kits available for men in India. Best Facial Kits for Men In India.

Facial Kits for Men

1. VLCC Specifix Professional Men’s Fairness Kit

This facial kit from VLCC is a four-step facial kit that includes face scrub massage, gel massage, massage cream, and fairness pack.

This kit guarantees to lighten and whiten the skin tone and is suitable for all skin types. This facial kit gets rid of pigmentation and dark spots while combating excess oil, this kit also gives the face a glow.

If you are someone who suffers from an uneven skin tone and desires to get rid of the dull spots then you should go for this facial kit from VLCC.

2. O3+ Agelock Oxygen Facial Kit for Pore Cleansing

The O3 plus Oxygen facial kit is is a popular choice amongst all the buyers. This facial kit can be used by people with all skin types and it promises to get rid of tanning and provide illumination to the face.

It is enriched with aloe vera, peppermint, glycolic acid, and vitamin c that are all essential in providing a fresh shine to your face.

Aloe vera has nourishing properties and glycolic acid takes care of stubborn acne marks and dark spots. This facial kit also provides deep pore cleansing and whiten the skin.

How to use: Clean the face with cleansing gel and apply the D tan pack for tan removal. Apply oxygen tonic and massage and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply the face massage cream and wait for 10 minutes. Apply the mask and remove it after 10 minutes.

Apply skin whitening serum and let it get absorbed in the skin for 2 to 3 minutes.

Put the paper mask given along and remove it after 10 minutes. Lastly, apply Meladerm SPF for complete sun protection. This kit has a great soothing effect on the skin and it promises to give a healthy glow.

3. Lotus Professional Promen Intensive

The next facial kit is from lotus professional range, the Lotus professional Promen intensive repair whitening facial kit give whitening and brightening effect to the face.

Within a single use, the effects are visible clearly. It gets rid of all the dust and pollution and gives a dull face, a bright and fresh look.

It is enriched with kakuda plum extract and the goodness of vitamin c both of which are famous for whitening properties. This facial kit is suitable for all skin types and has a 4 step routine. It is advisable to use this facial kit twice a month for the best results.

Use Promen cleanser and clean your skin thoroughly for around 2 minutes. Apply the exfoliator and Scrub the face for a few minutes. Using the Promen massage cream, massage your face gently for at least 15 minutes.

Apply the peel-off mask and peel it off after it dries off properly.

4. Shahnaz Husain 7 Step Skin Whitening Treatment Facial Kit

The next facial kit is Shahnaz Husain 7 step skin whitening treatment facial kit. This kit has 7 steps included for effective skin whitening treatment.

This kit from Shahnaz Husain promises to brighten and whiten the skin within a few uses.it is suitable for all skin types and can be used by men of all age groups.

It is made especially for providing fairness to men’s tough skin. It has a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, professional powder nourishing cream, skin whitening mask, whitening serum, and a recovering cream.

All these products are very effective in providing the skin a fresh look.

Start by applying the bio hydrating cleanser to cleanses the skin. Using the exfoliating scrub exfoliates the face for 2 to 3 minutes. Apply the professional power nourishing cream and massage for 10 to 15 minutes.

Apply skin whitening mask and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Lastly use the whitening serum and apply the recovering cream as well.

5. Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Brightening Facial Kit

The everyuth naturals tan removal brightening face kit works mainly for the removal of sun tanning. It is enriched with the goodness of chocolate and cherry extract which gives it a delighting aroma.

The cherry and chocolate extract nourishes the skin as well as work exceptionally well to get rid of dead skin and dirt.

This facial kit is suitable for both men and women of all age groups and skin types. It comes at a decent price and does its job quite well. With its five-step procedure, this kit is a convenient as well as a handy option.

Apply the face wash, then use the tan removal Scrub. Using the massage cream, massage for at least 20 minutes. Use the tan removal face pack. Wash it off after 15 minutes and apply the face serum given along. Also Check Best soap for men

6. VLCC Gold Facial Kit

No list of facial kits can be completed without the VLCC gold facial kit. This facial kit from VLCC gives gold like glow to your skin with its four-step regime. This facial kit works wonders to remove tan as well as dead skin cells.

It comes with a gold cleansing toner, a gold scrub exfoliator, a gold massage cream, and finally the gold peel-off mask. All these products work together to provide the skin a healthy glow and get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime on the face.

This kit is also a good option for anti-aging and suits all skin types.

Start with the gold cleansing toner and cleanse the skin thoroughly, then use the gold scrub exfoliator to remove the excess dirt and dead skin cells, using the gold massage cream massage for 15 to 25 minutes to ensure good blood circulation, and finally use the gold peel-off mask and keep it on for about 15 minutes to get gold-like shine.

7. Lotus Herbals Diamond Facial Kit

The next facial kit is from the Lotus Herbals range. The Lotus Herbals diamond face kit is a 4 step facial kit that gives a diamond-like glow to your face.

It is suitable for both men and women and gives the best result for any skin type and works especially well for oily skin. It is easy to use and it works very well to conceal the wrinkles and delay the aging process.

First of all start with cleansing your face, then apply the diamond exfoliating cleanser and scrub for about 2 to 3 minutes gently in circular motions. Use the radiant diamond activator and massage it on for about 5 minutes.

Then go in with radiant diamond massage cream and massage for about 15 minutes in small slow circular directions. Then use a wet towel to wipe the face.

8. Spruce Shave Club Charcoal Facial Cleansing Kit

The next facial kit is from the Spruce shave club. The Spruce shave club charcoal facial cleansing kit eliminates the dirt and incorporates the glow. This facial kit contains three products, is very easy to use, and requires very little time.

It includes a face mask, a face scrub, and face wash. All these products are made with essential oil and have a main power ingredient-charcoal. Charcoal does an exceptional job of deep cleansing and refining the skin.

Laced with essential oils, tea tree, peppermint mandarin, frankincense, calender, and grape seed extract all these products take care of the complexion as well as an uneven skin tone.

This kit is very easy to use. Start with the face wash and leather it properly cleansing the face for about a minute or so. Then go in with the face scrub and gently scrub away all the dirt.

Use the peel-off mask and keep it on until it dries off completely. All the products target the dirt and grime present on the face and get rid of all the pollution.

9. StBotanica Vitamin C Brightening Facial Kit

St botanica is a famous brand for its quality products and natural ingredients. This St botanica vitamin C brightening facial kit is a favorite of many customers.

It includes a mask, scrub, cleanser, and mist that works efficiently fighting blackheads and getting rid of tan. This facial kit is suitable for men with all skin types but is made especially for oily skin.

The vitamin c present in this facial kit brightens the complexion of the face and reveals the hidden glow. This facial kit also promises to get rid of excess oil as well as bring an even tone to the skin.

Chat with washing the face. Then use the scrub and gently scrub all the dirt away. Use the mask and wait for it to dry completely, wipe or wash it off after about 15 minutes and then finish off with the facial mist. It is recommended that you use this once or twice a month.

10. VLCC Activated Bamboo Charcoal Facial Kit

Activated charcoal is known for its deep cleansing properties and bamboo has a purifying and rejuvenating effect on the skin. The goodness of activated charcoal and bamboo are combined in this VLCC activated bamboo charcoal facial kit.

This kit is suitable for all skin types and has a six-step process. It is made especially for men’s skin and works amazingly in brightening and whitening the skin. It combats blemishes and blackheads and gives the skin an even texture

Start with cleanser, then use a face scrub and gently massage, next use the massage gel for about 5 minutes and get the blood flow going. It’s time to use the massage cream, this should be done in circular motions for about 15 to 20 minutes to get the best results.

Use the face pack and allow it to dry completely, keep it on for at least 15 minutes and finish off with the face serum. It is recommended to be used twice or once a month.

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