9 Best Smartwatch In India

Best Smartwatch helps you to use your time smartly. Have you decided which smartwatch you will be going to buy? If not then we are here for you with the list of best smartwatches in India. best smartwatch in 2021

You must be looking for trendy as well as pocket friendly with the best features then you must check the hotshot list below for the best smartwatches in India.

In the market, you must find an ample number of options but we understand it is very confusing to decide which option you can buy for yourself.

Best Smartwatch In India

Smartwatch is just not a watch to check the time. It justifies it’s named as “SmartWatch”.

Most of the companies nowadays would not allow their employees to keep their cell phones along with them it is perfect for them because most of the watches act as a mini cell phone for you. The feature we will mention in detail is below.

In the market, we have various options available but we have customized the list below as per the features and budget also top of it as per your needs.

Before writing this article we have taken the reviews from lots of people in friend circles who are android smartwatch users.

This smartwatch range is not just for the young generation it is an amazing gift for your parents or grandparents because it has an amazing feature to track heart rate and other activities to maintain good health.

What we look forward to before buying…..Cost, Feature, Design.!!! Right ?? so here we have solved your problem to some extent.

Without taking much time, let’s have a look at the amazing list of best android smartwatches:

Without taking much time, let’s have a look at the amazing list of best android smartwatches:

9 Best Smartwatch In India

  1. Jokin V9 Smartwatch
  2. Lenovo Ego HX07 Smartwatch
  3. Aqfit Multifunction W8 Smartwatch
  4. Amazfit Huami BIP Smartwatch
  5. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch
  6. Lenovo Carme HW25P Smartwatch
  7. Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch
  8. Honor Watch Magic Smartwatch
  9. Amazfit Stratos A1619 Smartwatch

1: Jokin V9 Smartwatch

This is just not a watch this can be your mini cell phone in the shape of a watch. This is one of the very best android smartwatches in India. You can easily answer phone calls, you can reply and read messages.

You can also check the notification for email and WhatsApp along with other features like call reminders, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, distance calculation, alarm, and many more.

 You can also take a photo by using the photo function. This smartwatch is multifunction and offers a lot at a very less price.

 It is available in 5 colors in the round and square shape display. It has a food-grade silicone strap which you can change as per your mood. V9 Watch support android 4.0 and above.

  2: Lenovo Ego HX07 Smart Watch

This is one of the best android smartwatch options with digital display. It tracks daily activities, gives you a notification for the call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and text messages.

It has amazing battery life 20 days in one charge moreover it is waterproof. It also offers remote camera feature. This watch has an anti sunshine display so that you can easily operate your watch under the bright sunshine.

It has a 42 mm display, 45g ultra-light, and a solid body. You can wear it the whole day while working in the office also during a workout.

 It is a magnetic charging cable. You have to connect the charger at the bottom of the watch. It also monitors your heart rate.

3: Aqfit Multifunction W8 Smart Watch

Aqfit can be your best android smartwatch choice because of its features. You can customize the watch face as per your choice as it has a big color display. This android smartwatch is waterproof.

It can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen. This watch also offers you a pedometer which counts the number of steps taken, distance covered, and calories burnt along with this it has a multi-sports mode.

 It has a sleep monitor, update you with the weather, sedentary reminders, App movement trajectory. You can check the updates without touching the screen you just have to flip your wrist.

This watch has other options too so this can be the best buying option if you looking for more features at a budgeted price. 

4: Amazfit Huami BIP SmartWatch

 This watch has a very classy look and if you are an adventure lover or lazy to charge your gadgets then this watch offers you 45 days battery life. It has a day activity tracker with 4-sport mode.

It also updates you on the weather and gives you the notification for email, SMS and incoming phone calls. This smartwatch is available in 4 colors. It is compatible with both android and ios.

This smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant and it has a 1.2 inch AMOLED screen. It has inbuilt GPD and campus functions.

 5: Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smart Watch

 This smartwatch offers you style and features both. It is available in 4 Beautiful colors with swappable straps and super light on your wrist. 

 It measures complete health and activity. It measures your heart rate every 5 minutes. It provides 9 sports mode to count your activities like run, walk, yoga, hike, treadmill, spin, workout, bike, climb. It also has an optional menstrual tracker for women.

You can wear it while swimming or raining as it is IP68 waterproof. It has 10 days of battery life in one charge. It has a magnetic charger. You can customize a watch face that can be changed on the device itself.

 It offers Bluetooth v5.0 compatible with both android and ios. This is one of the best unisex smartwatch options.

6: Lenovo Carme HW25P Smartwatch

 This is another best android smartwatch option for men and women. It has a digital display and 7 Days battery life. 

It has a pedometer to track the whole day activity for your physical fitness. It has a heart monitor and sleep monitor both, which can help you to maintain your cardiovascular health and depth and duration of your sleep.

 It is water-resistant. It gives you updates related to weather on a real-time basis. Also, it has a search for a phone option in case your phone gets misplaced. It gives you a notification for calls, messages, emails, and other things. It will also notify you of sedentary status.

 Additionally, it has two more features of alarm reminders and stopwatch. The square display gives an amazing look at this smartwatch.

7: Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS smart Watch is one of the amazing options to go with. This unisex smartwatch has a lot to offer apart from its price range.

This has AMOLED ( Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display of 1.65 inches. Due to its square display, this watch looks more attractive. It has a slim metal watch body which is the add on to its look.

This smartwatch has 14 days of battery life. It is 5 ATM water resistance so you can swim up to 50 meters of depth with this smartwatch also supports multiple swimming scenarios.

Smartwatch offers 12 sports mode which is outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical trainer, climb, trail run, pool swimming, open water swimming, skiing, exercise.

It offers PPG sensor and realbeats AI- based engine. It has high precision heart rate monitoring and heart rate interval monitoring and also warns if high value encounters. This smartwatch has very good customer reviews and available in six colors.

8: Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch

This smartwatch is recommended to the person who is looking for the sports watch look. This watch is designed by lightweight and comfortable 316L stainless steel. You can also change the strap as per your choice.

This watch is available in two colors. It has a double-sided strap combination of Italian leather on the front and silicone rubber on the back.

It has AMOLED touch screen of 1.2 inches gives the resolution of 390X390 pixels at 326ppi to provide an amazing visual. It offers 7 days batter life.

With the help of a 3 starlight positioning system (GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO) the inbuilt GPS system tells you the accurate information for your location. It also records your daily activity like indoor and outdoor. Also track climbing, swimming, etc.

It also provides a professional fitness mentor feature in which you can have customized courses or professional guide for you. This feature really helpful for sportspersons or fitness freak.

It also has a real-time heart rate monitor which helps to monitor your heart rate on a real-time basis with HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0 to safeguard.

Another feature is sleep habit insights with TruSleep which monitors your sleeping pattern and improves your sleep. It also provides alerts for email, calls, and messages.

 Review for the above list of the smartwatch:

 Nowadays we prefer to buy anything after reviewing it properly. You can get a complete review online about the product you would like to buy.

Reviews are subjective so I will always recommend you check the feature along with reviews so that you can make the best decision.

Smartwatches go off the air so quickly once its updated version comes in the market with some additional new features to its previous version.

Above listed best smartwatches having almost good reviews so you can go with any option as per your need. 

About Final Shopping:

We have simplified your shopping as per your requirement and budget by listing above best budget android smartwatches for you.

Now you can buy online also because necessary information related to the product before buying we have already provided to you.

Earlier I don’t use to wear watches but since the smartwatches launched in the market it changed my point of view towards the watch. Before smartwatch people wore watches to see the time and date.

People like me replaced watch from their cell phones because I can check the date and time on my cell phone as well.

Smartwatch has changed the whole mindset and to some extent, it replaced cell phones because of cell phones now tough to carry everywhere.

Why people use cell phone ..For Calls and import text right so what if the similar feature you can have in your watch sounds amazing right..!!! then it will not just a watch it will be a smartwatch.

Not all smartwatch provides calling and texting options but yes rest of the features like heart rate monitoring, GPS, Calorie tracking, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, etc.

The feature may vary from device to device. Smartwatch offers limited features but an important one.

You can carry the smartwatch always along with you. Nowadays most of the smartwatches available are water-resistant so you can carry your watch while swimming also there is no damage from rain.

I don’t like to carry my phone while running but love to listen to music so here again, the smartwatch is the one who resolved this problem and also by keeping a record of my fitness. Also Check Best Facial Kits for Men

Most of the companies nowadays are not permitting their employees to keep the cell phone along with them during office hours so the again smartwatch can fulfill the absence of your phone during office hours.

Through a smartwatch, you can answer calls, check your notifications without breaking any rule.

Now you think if something can offer so many important things definitely the price would be very high then answer is NO we have a huge range of android smartwatch for you with amazing features within your budget.

With the help of details, you can decide your shopping quickly.


You can not buy time but you can utilize time smartly so to do that Smartwatch is the best.

I hope the above list of best android smartwatches in India will going to help you to quickly do your shopping. We always want to buy something which should be budgeted, best and trendy.

We do lots of research before buying anything but whatever and whenever you buy that version will get older once a new version will get launched in the market so it’s better to go with the latest trend full of features and as per the budget.

Smartwatch is a very good option but needs to spend wisely on it because it gets outdated so quickly so we have listed the best and cheap smartwatch for you.

Above is the list of best-budgeted smartwatches available in the market. You have a wider range of smartwatch available out there for you but to decide which option would be the best fit for you.

I hope the above list of the best smartwatch in India will help you to decide as we have listed almost all the features.

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